For the Love of Feathers

For the Love of Feathers

From ancient Egypt, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Pacific Islands, and other parts of the world, we can find traces throughout history of various cultures, customs, indigenous tribes, and religions using feathers in artwork, adornments, clothing, or sacred ceremonies and practices. Believe it or not, there was even a time when feathers were worth more than gold and precious stones. I can understand how some cultures believe feathers and birds are considered gifts and messengers of the heavens. Feathers have this mysterious power and beauty that I'm curiously drawn to. 

At first glance, a pile of feathers may seem all the same. Upon closer examination, each feather reveals a unique depth and beauty over time. Layers of new iridescent hues or patterns emerge from the surface at different angles and lighting. Multidimensional like each of us, no feather is exactly alike. Embracing the delicate dance between uniqueness and similarities, I find feathers that, when paired, create a harmonious duo, each complementing the other’s beauty. Sometimes, two random feathers I pick up simultaneously are perfect for each other, but more often, it’s a much longer matching process.  It takes me roughly 4 to 5 months to source, prep, and find matching pairs before creating designs and using them in my jewelry so their ethereal beauty receives the special time and attention they deserve. Out of respect and consideration for culture/religious beliefs and conservations of bird species, I only use certain feathers and practice ethical ways to source them. 

As I continue to learn and grow with feathers in my artwork, I uncover new depths of metaphors of the human experience. At times, we may forget or not yet realize our unique beauty and power, as well as that of others. I think feathers are here to remind us of how living in our authenticity reveals all the iridescent colors and layers within us and those around us. When I finish making a pair of feather earrings or ear cuffs, I get goosebumps seeing the different feather layers come together - how the colors and textures seem to weave and dance together. As delicate and light as they might appear and feel, feathers are powerful and heavy with meaning, beauty, and symbolism. Through making my feather jewelry pieces, I share my special admiration of them in hopes you'll fall in love with feathers (and the gifts they carry) as much as I have.  

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*customs and inquiries*
To remain thoughtful of the feather work process, please consider it takes time and patience for me to finish feather jewelry pieces. If you'd like a custom or have questions regarding time frames, availability, or current stock you can contact me here or on Instagram. 

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