The Journey

Dakatta [dah-kah-tuh], meaning to radiate from within, is for world adventurers, eternal nomads, and kindred spirits who yearn for deeper connections. Those who are seeking to revitalize a sense of harmony that emboldens their intuitive spirit to venture into the great unknown, allowing their inner light to guide them with warmth, compassion, and gratitude towards personal fulfillment.

As the artist of Dakatta, I believes creation in all its forms is sacred, so when I handcraft Dakatta jewelry, I work thoughtfully and lovingly, infusing this energy into the details of each piece in the hopes that the wearer will feel a transcendent collaboration - from my heart to theirs... 

I'm honored to impart to you a sacred story that begins with the earth, is molded by my hands, and is shaped by life's unique experiences. 

I invite you with me on this journey so that, together,

We radiate from within...

With Love, Betty Le