About the Artist

Headshots of Betty Q Le the founder of Dakatta, Landscape of Joshua Tree at sunset
Dakatta is lovingly founded and carefully handcrafted by Betty Q Le, a first-generation Vietnamese American in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Dakatta, meaning to radiate from within, is inspired by Betty's personal journeys that reshaped her perspective. Dakatta was created as a way of connecting with herself, the universe, and kindred spirits. Like many of us, Betty faced periods of hardships, traumas, and deep uncertainty about what life would hold for her. However, there was a tiny, flickering light within that couldn’t be extinguished.
In 2015, she discovered a metalsmithing course offered at Salt Lake Community College and met jewelry teacher and mentor, Lorin Thunell. Inspired by how art can heal, she went on to complete an internship at America's first museum of modern art, The Phillips Collection in Washington DC. As she set sail along another 7 year course that would ultimately change her life, her passion for jewelry-making nourished the light within, giving the space it needed to ignite her career as a jewelry artist and entrepreneur.
Betty graduated from B Golden Jewelry School’s Jewelry Business Certification Program June of 2022 and continues to create and dream in her private studio. She finds stillness hanging out with cats, adventuring in nature, landscape photography, and riding her 1981 Honda CM400C motorcycle.
Her vision for Dakatta is energized by interconnectedness. Drawing on the power of transformation, ancient wisdom, and the magic of every moment, Betty hopes to use her work to cultivate authentic connections and embolden those who are on their own journeys.
As her artistic story continues to evolve, Betty is driven to share Dakatta's powerful idea that we all hold infinite potential to radiate from within...